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Adaptation…One Word for Health…and the Central Nervous System is in Charge!

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Adaptability….our body’s capability to make changes around alterations (stressors) whether they come from inside the body or outside the body. It gets really cold outside?  Our bodies make changes to adapt.  I eat spoiled chicken?  Our bodies make changes to eliminate and discharge the toxicity.  End up in the mountains at elevation?  Our bodies adapt to create greater numbers of red blood cells to adapt and provide enough oxygen to our cells.  We can even measure this ability to adapt with something called heart rate variability. Losing the ability to adapt can result from living with stress that is chronic….and, in today’s world, we live in an un-naturally stressful environment that seems to have no end point.  And ALL such activities are coordinated by the Central Nervous System (CNS) and it’s a well-balanced without chronic stress that allows us this magnificent ability to adapt and, subsequently, enjoy vitality!  Since we have “a lot of nerve”, we’ll jump right in!

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