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Aging…We CAN Slow it Down!

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Aging…it’s just how it is.  I’ll age the way I age.  Want to know how someone will look when they’re older? ….just look at their parents!  Ever heard these statements in the past or even said them yourself?  Thank Goodness they are simply not true!   Simple actions to mitigate and reduce inflammation in our bodies and help cells make copies of themselves that just don’t degrade as much over time are keys to aging reduction and improving longevity. It’s being said we can extend quality living by up to 14 years or more!  Awesome!  We can use our environment (both inside and outside our bodies), actions and experiences to alter our epigenome (those proteins that affect the expression of genes) so that our cells have a different biological or functional age then their actual chronological age. We’ll get into this much further in today’s broadcast!

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