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Arm and Hand Tingling & Pain….Can Chiropractic Care Help?

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In the hallways of our office, on the telephone and in the examination rooms one can often hear people making references to neck, arm and hand pain or pain accompanied by tingling and numbness.  Gratefully, most of these good people are commenting on how much better they feel or that the problem is resolved!  Unfortunately, many of them underwent long periods of time suffering and not getting the clinical assistance they need….as they didn’t realize chiropractic could help them!

Neck pain with associated arm and hand symptoms are extremely common.  Such problems come from many sources and our first job is to determine exactly where it’s coming from.  While problems of the blood vessels to the arms may be a cause, entrapped nerves in the arm itself or even a problem centrally in the brain….the absolute most common cause is irritation of nerve in the neck which then travels into the arm.  This can start from muscle imbalance causing irritation on the nerve, a joint moving abnormally or too little or even a slipped disc causing irritation in the neck and then on the nerve next to that disc.  Many of our patients have been told to use heavy pain killers, offered or received epidural spinal injections or been told to get spinal surgery before they arrive in our facility.  Depending on the individual problem….chiropractic care can absolutely help!

As demonstrated in an article in The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, a 61 year lady with neck and arm pain received care from a chiropractic physician who had identified aberrant function of the joints in the lower neck area.  Following a course of prescribed care, she enjoyed full resolution of her complaints.  Fantastic!  Improving the function of the affected joints around the irritated nerve, thus removing the cause of the irrigation….provided her with the stable resolution she’d been looking for!

So if your spouse is telling you you’re a pain in the……….neck, arm and hand……a visit to a chiropractic physician for a consultation may be the best move to resolving it!

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