Direct Digital X-ray Technology

Direct Digital X-ray, as utilized at Terlep Chiropractic,  is a form of X-ray imaging  in which  sophisticated digital  X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film and the large square cassettes with which all patients are familiar.  Rather than using photographic film as has been the case for decades, the latest generation of Direct Digital X-ray captures images on computerized instrumentation in a matter of seconds. A few of the many significant advantages of this technological advance include:

  • time efficiency for our patients via bypassing  processing with wait times while technicians are in a darkroom; 
  • the ability to immediately see and review the x-ray image within seconds (a digital monitor is adjacent to the unit for immediate patient viewing, also);
  • doctors are afforded the ability, via computer, to enhance and change the x-ray images for heightened information and better diagnosis and
  • digital radiography virtually eliminates the occurrence of re-taking an x-ray.  
  • less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography! 

While incorporating Direct Digital X-ray at Terlep Chiropractic, we have relationships with board certified radiologists who can receive digital x-ray images in a matter of seconds over our high speed internet connectivity to provide a second opinion….affording even greater speed and accuracy!  Should copies of x-ray films be needed…it’s as easy as sending them over the internet, providing a CD or simply printing the images themselves! 

The remarkable advance of Direct Digital Radiography…only at Terlep Chiropractic.

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