Exercise & Strength….A Critical Aspect of Being Well & Terrific Aging

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So many times, folks tend to think of fitness in terms of aerobic fitness….runners, bikers, swimmers….people moving fast and breathing hard.  But most people don’t know the benefits of strength training actually equal if not surpass the benefits of aerobic fitness!  Remarkably, when we ask most patients if strength training can help prevent cancer, the universal answer we receive is no. Not so!!  Strength training is wonderfully effective at reducing cancer risks.  How about type II diabetes?  Yup!!  When you think of heart health and disease prevention….do you think of strength training and resistance exercise?  I bet not!  …And for memory function, dementia prevention and Alzheimer’s prevention?   And what about simple slowing and improving our aging process….does strength training ever cross your mind?  Well…it needs to now!  There are so very many benefits to simple strength training and it is so very underappreciated!  We’ll explore this today!


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