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Get Better Sleep With Chiropractic

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People underestimate the vitality of quality sleep. We need to sleep soundly for up to eight hours a night to maintain a healthy, balanced, and successful life during our waking hours.

Of all the physical and mental struggles that impede your eight hours of quality sleep each night, many stem from the same source: back and joint pain. There are various reasons you may be experiencing back and joint pain, but it can all lead to restlessness and sleep deprivation.

Terlep Chiropractic of Spring Hill, Florida, brings pain relief to many patients through back adjustments, physical therapy, and more. But how exactly can these services improve and perfect your sleeping patterns?

How Can A Chiropractor Bring Quality Sleep?

Neck Misalignment Correction – Jaw and neck pain are common ailments that keep patients awake at night. A poor-quality pillow can inflame this, but a slight neck adjustment by a quality chiropractor will relieve the pain in your head and neck.

Jaw Muscles and Snoring – Sleep apnea and excessive snoring are signs that you are not resting easily throughout the night. This can also be remedied by a neck adjustment, as a misaligned neck can cause jaw muscle stiffness that puts strain on your airways.

Cortisol Build Up – Cortisol is a chemical stress hormone that builds up in your body when there is abnormal pressure on your joints. Spinal decompression, joint pain relief, and various other chiropractic services will reduce this hormone and allow you better sleep.

Circulation Improvement – Pressure on your joints and the vertebrae in your spine, caused by pockets of gas, degrades your circulation, which causes restlessness while you lay. This is easily remedied by some of the simpler adjustments done by chiropractors.

Poor Sleep Makes Ailments Worse – It is a vicious cycle! Your back or joint pain causes uneasy sleeping patterns, and those restless behaviors while you try sleeping will only inflame the pain. Stopping it at the source is vital and will interrupt this painful loop harmful to your health.

Nerve Pain Relief – Your nervous system is in charge. When there is any pain, discomfort, or stress on nerves throughout your body, those nerves send emergency signals to your brain, keeping you stimulated at all hours of the night. Relief brought about by back adjustments, physical therapy, and other services by a chiropractor helps.

Bringing You Better Sleep Today!

Terlep Chiropractic specializes in pain relief for many different walks of life. With services that include spinal decompression and physical therapy to custom orthotics and rehabilitation, Terlep Chiropractic can help you experience a healthier and happier life.
The staff at Terlep Chiropractic is eager to meet you and help with any pain management you may need. To book an appointment with the highly trained chiropractic staff, visit DrTerlep.com to get started, or call (352) 666-2222 today!

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