Just like the foundation of a house provides stability to everything built on it, your feet provide the stability for your entire body and spine!  The feet provide support as you stand, walk or run.  The feet also protect your spine, bones and soft tissues from stress as you move.   We incorporate Laser Assisted Foot & Gait assessment at Terlep Chiropractic in efforts to identify instability or weakness that may be causing or contributing to our patient’s difficulties.  This painless computerized testing provides specific assessment of any deficiencies in the foundation of foot function.  Correction of any such abnormality can reduce pain in the low back, hips, knees and feet, or upper back and neck as well as enhance the body’s performance and efficiency.  Further, stabilization of foot and gait abnormalities typically provides enhanced stability and longevity to correction of spinal problems.  The answer to several questions may indicate such scanning may be helpful:

….Does one side of your shoe wear out before the other?

….Does one or both heels wear differently on your shoes?

….Does one or both feet point in or out when you walk?

….Do you suffer from heel pain, knee pain or shin pain in addition to your back pain?

….Do your feet hurt in general?

….Do you frequently sprain your ankle?

In conjunction with spinal pain, a positive answer to one of these questions may tell us that Laser Assisted Foot & Gait Assessment may be just what the doctor ordered!

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