Physical Therapy
and Rehabilitation

Go Ahead. Get Back to Pain-Free

Onsite Physical Therapists are present to compliment and enhance the goal of pain reduction, improved function and the ability to re-engage in life fully and without pain. In many situations, incorporating Physical Therapy is crucial in helping to create long term stability of affected regions so long term stability of corrected problems is enabled.  Vitality Physicians & Rehab is located directly in the facility and provides a full range of physical therapy services including general rehabilitation for spinal conditions, knee pain, hip complaint, shoulder disorders, balance difficulty, carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems, inclusive of pre and post-operative care.  Core PT techniques and procedures of rehabilitation are fully utilized in addition to unique and cutting edge modalities including:

Acceleration Training via Power Plate, speeding recovery

Axial Decompression via the SpineMed System, considered the most advanced disc and non-surgical decompression system available.

Further, having health care providers of various degrees (DCs, DOs, PAs & PTs) on site affords  close coordination of care with the prescribing doctor, enhancing outcomes for every patient of our office.

Have a prescription from another doctor?  Terrific!  We readily care for the physical therapy needs of many local physicians and surgeons….our physical therapists are ready to take care of you and communicate quickly with your doctor to insure great results!

Convenience, quality and ease…another advantage to full Physical Therapy integrated on site…exclusively at Terlep Chiropractic