Power Plate

power plate
Terlep Chiropractic is pleased to provide a breakthrough technology in the restoration of strength, flexibility and general rehabilitation…The Power Plate.  Incorporating vibrational  movement in three directions simultaneously, the Power Plate is able to stimulate muscle contracture at a frequency of 30-50 times per second as well as invigorate nerve endings which provide coordination, strength and flexibility.  This movement pattern at very high frequency while achieving outstanding results in areas of coordination, strength and flexibity can do so at a much faster faster pace….that’s why incorporating this technology is often called acceleration training. Originally designed by the Russian space program to restore lost muscle strength and function for cosmonauts after prolonged durations in space, vibrational technologies soon began to realize more general applications in the areas of physical rehabilitation, strength and performance enhancement.  Today you’ll find the Power Plate on the premises of nearly every professional athletic team in football, basketball and hockey as well as in the most advanced rehab facilities across the country.  This remarkable technology is utilized in our specific rehabilitation programs for the purpose of greater  strength, flexibiltiy and coordination as well as to accelerate the rate at which improvement and recovery can be achieved.  A remarkable technology….exclusively at Terlep Chiropractic.