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Taking Care of the Horse in the Barn….A Whole Lot Easier and Less Risky!

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We’ve all heard the expression about a runaway problem that’s out of control as “the horse is out of the barn”.  When a severe illness rears its head, no truer words have been spoken….and the horse of our health has escaped the comfort and protection of the healing shelter of the barn! The care, feeding, protection and grooming of the horse is infinitely more effective and easy while the horse remains in the barn….not attempting these measures after it’s galloping full tilt across the pasture.  Those kinds of efforts lead to falls, broken pony legs, cuts, sprains and more…there are risks involved in trying to corral a runaway horse.  So goes our health….providing the health measures of proper neural control of the body, diet, exercise, rest and sunshine are infinitely more effective at providing our desired outcome of vibrant health….than is trying to regain lost health that has escaped the barn!  There are risks involved with trying to catch that pony again….and we have to try once the horse has escaped….but how significantly much better to give it attention and care and keep it in the barn and never letting it escape!  We’ll explore this today…give a listen!

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