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The Effects of Running On Your Knees

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Those who enjoy physical activity, especially cardio, always consider it healthy. Lifting weights, riding bikes, and other calisthenics are vital components to youthfulness as we age.

What about running? Being some of the most beneficial cardio you can do, numerous conflicting reports have shone a light on the possibility that running may help your heart and lungs but ultimately damages your knees, hips, and other joints. Is that true?

Running does not guarantee knee problems in the future, but it pays to stay informed about how you can minimize general issues that mount as you age. Here are some pointers that pertain to preventing actual damage to your knees.

What To Know About Running and Your Knees

Running Helps Reduce Osteoarthritis In Knees – It has been statistically proven that osteoarthritis — a joint disease due to a wide variety of causes — is not caused by running but instead more commonly prevented by running. The leading reason for this is that a runner’s lower Body Mass Index (BMI) puts less strain on their knees.

Poor Form Running Can Hurt Your Knees – Running with proper form is the best way to leverage all the benefits of cardio exercise for your health, so make sure you maintain a good, upright posture during a run. Overexertion leads to bad form, which leads to knee injuries.

Wearing Proper Shoes – Much of short- and long-term knee, bone, and muscle injuries sustained while running are from lackluster footwear. Investing in quality running shoes and knowing what type of running shoes suit the terrain you run on will keep your knees in good shape.

Music Can Increase The Risk Of Injury – While it may seem unmotivating to run with only the sounds of nature, it is quite beneficial. Subconsciously, you listen to your body when locked in on the one task at hand, and music can be a negative distraction.

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch – Those who perform extensive cardio exercises without proper stretching before and after will injure their knees and more. Syndromes that stem from lack of stretching include Iliotibial Band Syndrome, where the muscle on the side of your knee is strained.

Take Breaks Between Exercises – Don’t overdo it! ‘The burn’ you feel during any workout should be rewarding, not agonizing. Again, listen to your body and determine if you are ready for another run one, two, or three days after an original one.

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