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The Sunshine Vitamin D: Never more Important Than Now

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Why do we need Vitamin D so very much?  It really isn’t even a vitamin but a steroid based hormone.  Starting as a base element that is a cholesterol derivative, it is then converted in the skin through sunshine into an inactive form which gets changed one more time in the liver (to something called calcidiol) and then the finishing touches in the kidneys to become the active form of Vitamin D (called calcitriol) which is so very helpful to you and me!  It’s in the spotlight lately as it can really help protect against covid and even help in the quality care and treatment of covid.  But research is showing Vitamin D can have crucial benefits in memory, cancer, diabetes, bone health, falls and more.  Vitamin D plays a critical role in vitality expression, disease prevention and quality ageing ….let’s dive in!


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