Vital Nutrition

the core fourA vital idea that is central to any concept is the essence of the word Core… and no more accurate description could be made for these four nutritional supplements.

Recommended for optimal wellness, The Core Four incorporate a unique Gentle Care MultiVitamin, Bottle Sunshine (Vitamin D), Truly Essentials (Omega 3 Fatty Acids) and Healthy Systems (a Probiotic).

Practically speaking, who really needs to take supplemental nutrients? In today’s world, filled with processed foods, restaurant foods, a glut of vegetable oils, sugar, salt and excess animal protein it is critical to give the body the building blocks it needs in the presence of these nutritional challenges. Proper supplementation gives the body the tools it needs to actually thrive… and The Core Four is specially structured to do just that.

While absolutely nothing can take the place of great nutrition and an active lifestyle, The Core Four help to fill the gaps in any diet.

Many supplemental regimens incorporate far too many vitamins to be practical and require a difficult number of bottles, boxes or bags to be opened once or twice a day. Further complicating the matter, many vitamins contain excess vitamins/minerals, imbalanced vitamins or lack certain elements, placing the body at greater risk than taking no vitamin at all! The Core Four is based on the most current scientific research to be properly balanced, safe and, most importantly, effective.

the core four

Our Gentle Care MultiVitamin is designed based on many years of research in the current scientific literature. Specially formulated to avoid elements that have been shown to be harmful and put our bodies at risk (yet are in the majority of multivitamins) and providing the proper balance of other elements. Further benefitting the vitamin is a broad spectrum plant complex to aid the body with additional antioxidants and phytonutrients (plant derived nutrients).

Bottled Sunshine is a vitamin D supplement, utilizing the form of Vitamin D most readily absorbed and used by the body. Research in recent years has demonstrated that nearly 85% of Americans are deficient (yes, even those of us residing in Florida!) Maintaining optimal levels in our bodies has a profound effect on our health! The majority of supplements provide inadequate levels of this sunshine vitamin and excess amounts can also lead to difficulty. Again, current scientific research supports the type and quantity of Vitamin D in Bottled Sunshine.

Truly Essentials is appropriately named as poor quantities of Omega 3 fatty acids plagues Americans! Too much of other types of fatty acids and not enough of Omega 3 leads to chronic inflammation in the body which leads right to disease and suffering! The majority of Omega 3 tablets lack enough concentration to be helpful, can be polluted and in the majority aren’t fresh… all of which compromise helpfulness! Truly Essentials addresses all of these needs to provide a high potency and effective supplement.

Healthy Systems is a potent probiotic designed to replenish the micro-organisms of the gut. Today’s modern food consumption greatly disturbs the balance and quantity of intestinal micro-organisms which are critical for proper digestion, nutrient absorption, elimination and proper functioning of immune responses! Maintaining proper balance is critical to allow our systems to function at their peak.

Incorporating the latest in scientific research with the natural needs of our bodies is the very essence of The Core Four. Safety first and outstanding effectiveness are the hallmarks of The Core Four. Ask today how they can be used in your life to guard your well-being and improve your health!