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Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Survival

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vitamin d and the sun

Once again, let’s turn our eyes to the sunshine vitamin….Vitamin D.  Recently, our discussion about breast cancer screening via mammography raised many questions here at the office and lots of on-line inquiry.  We’ve previously addressed how Vitamin at optimized levels in the blood could significantly assist in preventing the development of breast cancer.  Well, a group of researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine who had previously studied and reported on the PREVENTIVE nature of Vitamin D and breast cancer development, decided to research what affect lower and higher levels of Vitamin D would have on survival rates of women who had developed the disease.

Led by Professor Cedric F. Garland, the team of researchers recently published their findings in the journal  Anticancer Research.  What they reported is nothing short of remarkable. Women in the study, all of whom had breast cancer, who had the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood were nearly half as likely to die from breast cancer as those women in the lowest levels.  In other words….the survival rate of the breast cancer diagnosis was nearly doubled for those women!  This is simply wonderful news!  Previously, these researchers have reported that elevated blood levels of Vitamin significantly cut the risk of development but now it’s discovered that for those women who simply develop breast cancer….those with more elevated D levels double their survival!

Obtaining optimal levels can be as easy as regular sun exposure but supplementation with Vitamin D3 is also a simple and wonderfully inexpensive way to elevate Vitamin D levels.  But it needs to be remembered that optimized levels are obtained via blood study!  So simply saying “I’m taking Vitamin D” does not render the protective benefits we’re looking for!  Previously, double blind clinical trials have demonstrated that as levels elevate in the blood, so, too, do the percentages of people enjoying the significant benefits!  But it must be checked!  Secondarily, and in conjunction with the very inexpensive cost of Vitamin D, is its safety.  An individual would have to consume significant quantities over an extended to period to produce any adverse reaction at all!  Vitamin D use is exceedingly safe!

So don’t miss out on the many benefits of Vitamin D….and, if you’re a woman, the extremely obvious benefit of optimizing your health benefits by optimizing your Vitamin D!


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