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Why Vitamin D?

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Vitamin D ImageWhile most people haven’t yet been exposed to the wonderful benefits of Vitamin D, the media attention given to Vitamin D in the last year or two has prompted A LOT of question in the office about…..”WHY”?  If an item could be classified as “the single most important measure one could take to improve health”, it would be incorporating Vitamin D in the appropriate measure.  What are the benefits of Vitamin D?  As Shakespeare once said….”let me count the ways”

…..proper cell growth, bone strength, muscle coordination and balance, depression relief, reduction of general inflammation, heart disease prevention, cancer prevention, longer life span, diabetes prevention (both types I & II), immune system function….and the list goes on.  The reason it has so many benefits is that it affects more than 2000 different genes in our bodies…turning them on and off….depending on the adequate presence or diminshed levels of Vitamin D.  Actually, Vitamin D is not really even a vitamin…it’s actually a critical hormone in our bodies but the doctors initially researching it knew that only sunshine could activate its production in our skin.  Since vitamins are, by definition, substances that our bodies can’t synthesize on their own, they named it in just that manner!

Of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE in utilizing Vitamin D is the adequate of level in our blood.  The only accurate way to know that is with a blood test that specifically measures Vitamin D levels.  Astonishingly, research is showing that more than 80% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D….and more than half of us dangerously so.  Taking a dose of Vitamin D daily is a great start and a good general amount for most people to start is 2000 IUs per day, but this will not provide the fantastic benefits attainable unless optimized to the best levels.

Once the baseline of Vitamin D in the blood is established, an experienced clinician can prescribe an appropriate dose to use to move toward optimum.  The blood study should then be repeated in approximately 60-90 days to adjust the dosage accordingly. A recent research paper published in The Lancet, a prestigious British medical journal, clearly demonstrated that with elevation of Vitamin D to specific plateau, large beneficial increases were noted in disease prevention until the optimal levels were reached.  So if you wish to make a simple but significant step in improving your health…this is one great start!

It is also important to note that doing so also is one of the least expensive actions you can take!  We perform the blood studies right here in the office, make the appropriate recommendations and follow up until Vitamin D levels are at optimal levels to maximize our health potential!  Be sure to ask your doctor here at the office…..

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